Get Involved

Visitors hiking the trails at Fort Davidson/Pilot Knob in the Arcadia Valley. Courtesy of Missouri State Parks.

Want to help save Missouri’s Civil War history?

With over a thousand engagements – both large and small – and other battlefields in the East and West taking precedence, Missouri has had a difficult time preserving its Civil War history. Throughout the course of the American Civil War, Missouri battles took place on 175,000 acres, with 95,000 that remain intact today. Only 5,600 acres remain in Federal protection, and many more protected by state and local parks.

It is up to people – like you and I – to help save this history and share it by getting involved with nonprofit organizations. There are countless organizations whose mission it is to save Missouri’s battlefields, historic sites, and material culture.

Missouri Civil War Museum: The MCWM’s mission is to save Missouri’s Civil War history through its museum in St. Louis. In addition to its main museum facility, the MCWM has saved several historic structures in St. Louis and Louisiana, Missouri, including the former home of Senator John Brooks Henderson. They have the Civil War Preservation Fund, a designated fund for preserving battlefield land, historic properties, and monuments. 

American Battlefield Trust: The American Battlefield Trust, based in Washington, DC, is one of the oldest and most successful preservation organizations in the country. Though they save battlefields from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War, they focus mainly on Civil War land. Over 500 acres in Missouri have been saved by their efforts. 

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation: The foundation is one of the oldest nonprofit partners of National Park Service sites. Their fundraising efforts have helped save more land at Wilson’s Creek, funded the library and research center, and have created educational programming in support of the park. 

Missouri Preservation: Based out of St. Louis, the Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation – or Missouri Preservation – is an advocacy nonprofit organization that aims to preserve the state’s landmarks. Each year, they publish a “Places in Peril” listing of threatened historic properties across Missouri.