Driving Tours and Hiking Trails


Love to get out and explore Missouri’s Civil War history? Look no further than here, where we have compiled a list of some of the best driving tours and hiking trails to explore.

Big Blue Battlefield Walking Tour: Historian Dick Titterington – the Civil War Muse – created several tours of Civil War Missouri sites, including this one of the Battle of Big Blue in 1864. There are over 20 stops with maps and pictures to guide you.

The Big Divide Travel Guide: Written by Diane Eickhoff and Aaron Barnhart, this book is full of unique Civil War and Bleeding Kansas spots along the Missouri-Kansas border.

Boonville Battlefield Tour: Also from Titterington is this tour of the Battle of Boonville, a part of the 1861 Missouri Campaign. Just a few stops, this short tour will take you to the top spots on the battlefield, including the State Guard’s line of defense and the Federal line of battle.

Camp Jackson Affair Driving Tour: Created in September 2018 by us at Missouri’s Civil War Blog, this tour follows the route of the infamous Camp Jackson Affair on May 10, 1861. You will even hit sites from the May 11 St. Louis massacre.

Carthage Battlefield Tour: Learn all about the battle of Carthage, Missouri which took place on July 5, 1861 between Col. Franz Sigel’s brigade and Governor Claiborne Jackson’s State Guard detachment. This tour is also from Titterington and the Civil War Muse.

Civil War Biking Tour of St. Louis: From our friends at Distilled History, take an informative, and a bit humorous, tour of Civil War St. Louis via bicycle. Your tour starts at the Old Courthouse and ends all the way at White Haven. You hit almost all of the major sites downtown, so check it out!

Civil War: Grant and Gray Ghosts Trail: The Missouri Division of Tourism put this four-day tour of Civil War Missouri together to explore the various sites across the state, from Wilson’s Creek to Jefferson Barracks. They even have food and hotel recommendations, like Pappy’s Smokehouse and the Raphael Hotel in Westport.

The Gray Ghosts Trail: Several years ago, the Missouri Civil War Heritage Foundation created a driving trail along Interstate 70 of major sites pertaining to the Missouri guerrillas, from Callaway County to Saline County. Your tour starts at Danville and ends at Marshall.

U.S. Grant Trail: Follow the many historic sites pertaining to U.S. Grant here in Missouri from the Missouri Civil War Heritage Foundation. It will take you across St. Louis County all the way to Hannibal.

Battle of Westport, Brush Creek Hiking Tour: Historian Dick Titterington – the Civil War Muse – created several tours of Civil War Missouri sites, including this short one of the Battle of Westport south of Brush Creek. There are ten stops with maps and photos.

Wilson’s Creek Battlefield Tour: Follow in the footsteps of the Western Army and Army of the West as they clashed along the banks of Wilson Creek. You will hit each major site with the help of the Civil War Muse. For a more in-depth hike, try out the Military Staff Ride from the U.S. Army.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Hiking Trails: This link will take you to the official National Park Service trail map for Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in Republic, Missouri. There are five unique hiking trails. There is also a map of the horseback riding trails here.