The author at Gettysburg. 

Born in Kansas City and raised in St. Louis, Kristen M. Trout is on staff at the Missouri Civil War Museum in St. Louis. She has formerly worked with the American Battlefield Trust, the Gettysburg Foundation, the National Park Service, and the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. Kristen completed her Masters Degree in Nonprofit Leadership from Webster University in St. Louis to help lead efforts to saving Civil War history. On top of work and the blog, she loves running (road and trail), hiking around battlefields, reading up on anything Civil War, and following her two favorite sports teams: the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues. Kristen also contributes to Emerging Civil War, by sharing the stories from Missouri and the Trans-Mississippi West. 

This blog, Missouri’s Civil War, focuses on the lives of Missourians – soldiers, civilians, and slaves alike – who contributed the story of the American Civil War. The story of Missouri in the war has been largely overlooked compared to the Eastern Theater. As historian Louis Gerteis wrote in his book The Civil War in Missouri: A Military History: “the smaller scale and unknown significance of Missouri, does not justify marginalizing or ignoring the military history of the Civil War in Missouri.” Even William T. Sherman stated in 1885 that, “I believe Missouri was then and still is essential to the perpetuity of the Union.”

Irregular, conventional, and naval warfare were rampant throughout this region, making Missouri’s experience quite different than any other area during the Civil War. In addition to analyzing the experiences of Missouri’s citizens during the war, this blog will also look at other topics, such as medical care, politics, ethnic relations, and labor within the state. Today, though vastly different 150 years later, the effects of the Civil War continue to cast their shadows over Missouri.

As a history project and blog, Missouri’s Civil War will always be ad and revenue free, meaning this work is done in the free time of the author. Instead of donating money to the blog, we ask that you give to the Missouri Civil War Museum. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations that is saving history in Missouri.